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  • Kayla Besong

    Kayla Besong

    Almost scientist

  • Amir Shahmoradi

    Amir Shahmoradi

    Assistant Professor, Data Science and Physics Programs, The University of Texas, cdslab.org

  • Milad Sadeghi.DM

    Milad Sadeghi.DM

    OSS Developer | Computer Vision Engineer

  • Tim McNamara

    Tim McNamara

    Tech for good. Lots of AI, text mining. Into data science, data viz, science communication, digital art and much in between.

  • Joe Hamman

    Joe Hamman

    Tech director at @carbonplan and climate scientist at @NCAR. @xarray_dev / @pangeo_data dev.

  • Gino Chen

    Gino Chen

  • Josh Noe

    Josh Noe

  • immad


    CEO, Co-founder of Mercury.co

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