Self-proclaimed wisemen, productivity experts, and wanna-be executives teach you to complete tasks ahead of time, in an organized and systematic way. Small tasks? Do them immediately. It’s the only way to be an effective executive.


Don’t do things now or ahead of time. Do them last minute.

Let’s face…

Abandonware is software abandoned by its maker.

People sometimes speak of it in a negative context. “Nobody uses it anymore”. “A waste of time invested”. “Why would they even make that?”. “What a failure!”


Abandonware is what’s left when its maker learned what there is to learn from it and moved on. It’s software that served its purpose. Finding what doesn’t work is a prerequisite for finding what works.

Abandonware is beautiful. It’s the evidence of creative process and fighting the resistance.

As long as there are creative and curious people around, there will be new abandonware. I wish more people made it.

Any scientific discipline that involves numerical modeling has three kinds of modelers:

  1. People who develop models
  2. People who run models for their or other people’s research
  3. People who analyze model output for their research

Neither is better or worse than the other. Model developers (1) often also run models (2)…

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Everybody’s life path is steered by series of seemingly strange coincidences. Like weather, human lives are chaotic and unpredictable. By chaotic, I don’t mean disorderly and in disarray, but rather that small changes at one time can lead to large changes down the road.

Enhanced color image of Saharan dust plume over the Atlantic ocean as seen from a geostationary satellite GOES-16. Source: NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory.

I think about…

Milan Curcic

I’m a scientist, founder, and author.

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